I love my garden. Sure, its rough around the edges, only barely under a semblance of control, but after a busy season of pruning, hacking, digging and re-planting – it’s starting to come together.

This season, I bought a chainsaw, which meant bigger more serious chopping could be done. We have a lot more light coming into the back now as a result.

I also dug out two old crappy grassed areas and made a couple of vegetable patches.

First, I relaid the patio stones to the far vegge patch so we could get the herbs and tomatoes and things easily – also so the composter is more easily accessible without having stand on the grass (in case it rains etc)

As you can see, there’s still a lot more to be done next to that tree on the right..I’m thinking lots of aromatic shade tolerant plants like lavender.

Then, I dug out the grassy area and all the plants on the lower left of this shot. It doesn’t look like a big area (its abut 10 sq meters), but it was so full of roots from a previous flowerbed that was there that it took maybe 20 hours of digging over 2 weekends to clear it completely before I could dig in some compost and manure to enrich the very sandy soil we have here.

Now it looks like this.

I planted pumpkins, watermelons, capsicum and the mandarin tree that’s been in a pot on the patio for a couple of years.

The little vege patch has herbs, carrots. corn, beetroot, capsicum, potatoes and tomatoes. It’s still a little scruffy, but there’s so much growing. I planted this only 2 weeks ago

Now look at it..unbelievable how quickly it’s grown.

We’re working on the frame around the (rather brutal) shed – I planted jasmine last year and set up the trellis for the honeysuckle to grow up – this year, it’s looking way better. Piper chose some ornaments to go on it and planted some nice flowers in a pot – she wants to make it into a peaceful little sitting spot.

The patio is looking lovely as ever – the vine has, under my green fingered guidance, grown up and over the pergola and is busy producing lots of grapes again this season. The wisteria has gone nuts and is giving lots of dappled shade – lovely!

Of course, it’s never ending – the front garden still has the major overhaul left to complete, although it has already had the chainsaw treatment in a few places to get it started. Then there’s the garden room I’m planning to build, but that one is going to have to wait until I can find the building materials I want.

Anyways, that’s enough about the fruits of my labours, I hope you all had a good weekend 🙂

More from the garden soon

7 Comments on “Gardening

  1. I am SO jealous!! One of my goals is to soon have a vegetable garden. Your yard looks so peaceful and inviting, I’d spend most all my time out there if it were mine.:D You’re doing a fantastic job!!


    • It takes time – its like the last priority when you get a new house. Well, not quite, I *still* need to get a new front door..
      The garden just needs lots of constant attention to bring it back from the brink – its got a long way to go yet! It’s quite peaceful for the most part, there’s a few hours around lunchtime when the light is just perfect for sitting out there..


  2. Very Impressive. A lot of back grinding work has gone into it but it is looking good. Well done. A vegetable patch is the one thing I miss.


    • haha! I’ll trade you, some gardening time from me and you can re-spray the front spoiler on my Corolla 😉 (actually, I might just about be able to do that myself. Not bad for an IT geek!)


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