I am man

I think I’ve finally (at 40 years old) made it into manhood.

Yes, even having 2 children doesn’t cut it.

What you need to be a proper bona fide man is to own some loud power tools.

Lots of them.I’d hardly say that my shed is like an advert for Bunnings (the Home Depot (US)/B&Q(UK) of Australia) but it’s getting there and I’m feeling more manly with every new gadget.

I now have (wait for it)

Ooper Super drill/power screwdriver thing (that’s the base requirement for entry to manhood)
Petrol powered whipper snipper (brush cutter (US)/strimmer(UK))
Petrol powered garden vac/blower
Petrol powered lawn mower (although it’s a little puny, given the more recent purchases, it might need upgrading)
Electric wood chipper (cos the petrol ones are $$)

and now, the coup de grâce, the golden ticket to man-dom if you will..

A petrol powered chainsaw

Oh yes.

See – how much more manly could you possibly look. (ok, lets not go there with the Monty Python lumberjack sketch)

I’m missing a circular saw, angle grinder, jigsaw and a proper workbench for all this, but it’s early days.   I have time – once in the man club, there’s plenty of time to get the rest of the house in order 😉

Did I tell you that my shed is being re-named as a ‘workshop’?

All I need now is a project car.. – where’s that 1960’s Beetle that needs restoring..

Now that’s a beetle for a man with power tools.

EDIT:  I’ve just finished the 2nd day of respraying my old mountain bike frame prior to a rebuild – I’m covered in paint, have a shed that looks like one of Dexter’s kill rooms and smell of turps.  Just like a proper man should.  You’d never guess I work in IT 😉

4 Comments on “I am man

  1. No wonder your eyes lit up when I mentioned bike tools left in our loft. It adds to the look of “hey, look at my collection of tools”!


  2. Dude, you have a chainsaw!! Welcome to RealManHood 😉 The boy has been bugging me to let him get one, ostensibly so we can saw through all these fallen trees we are very clearly, going to encounter all the time in our travels.


    Sounds like you’re having fun, and nice work on the garden!


  3. As another ‘man with tools’, i welcome you to the brotherhood! 😉
    if you ever feel the urge to cut up some wood or play with a beetle, then by all means bring some snags over and we’ll fire up both barbies 😉


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