moody and dark

Sunsets.  They’re always good for the soul.

It’s good to gave a colourful close to a day – it’s as if nature is finishing the day with a poetic full stop.

Well, thats all fine and dandy, but the internet (and indeed my own photo collection) is full of shots of sunsets.  They happen every day in millions of different places around the world – they’re almost as common as a Ford Fiesta.

So I decided to do something different

There’s nothing inherently wrong with a colourful sunset, especially at the beach – as you can see, they’re perfectly decent.

The tide was coming in (not that we get big ranging tides here) and I almost got surprised by a wave, causing me to leap backwards to avoid getting my boots wet – this is fairly evident from the footprints 😉

Anyway, the rest of the shots, even though the sky went a brilliant red, were a bit meh.

The waves were washing in a long way and then leaving that huge strand as the water retreated back.  I tried to capture this with longer exposures, but the colour shots really didn’t show it up.

So I changed them to black and white and thats where things got a bit more interesting 🙂 It changed the mood so much you’d think I’d stood out there in a howling storm.

Nothing like creating a bit of drama where in reality there wasn’t any 🙂

8 Comments on “moody and dark

    • Thanks Katie 🙂 Glad you like them. I can see a lot more black and whites coming up – I’m really getting into them


  1. These are wonderful. I absolutely adore the first photo. it is amazing.. I wish it was still hot here. Oh well. Oh and I also mention you in my post that will appear on the blog today at 10 am eastern 🙂


    • Thanks Kay 🙂 I’m going to get that first black and white one blown up for my study – its about time I actually showcased my own stuff in my house!
      I gather snow is on its way for NYC – better get the winter woollies out!


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