Tree Love

Its no secret, I love to walk in the woods or forest, anywhere that has lots of trees.

Its the combination of the light, the colours, the smell and just how damn cool they are.  They give off a wonderful vibe, maybe its all that oxygen they’re pumping out that goes to my head – who knows. They also mute the rest of the world, making it very easy to find peace and quiet, even when you’re not that far away from the hurley burley of real life.I went to a few of my favourite places in England where there are some awesome trees – Knole Park, Oldbury Woods, One Tree Hill – they all have huge English oak, chestnut, horse chestnut, beech, birch and ash trees.

Some of the bigger ones are probably many hundreds of years old.  Actually, this part of Kent has some of the old original oak and beech woodland that covered the whole of the south of England a thousand years ago.

It was the very start of autumn and some of the leaves had a distinctly autumnal tinge of colour to them

So, me being me, took some (somewhat crappy due to the bad light at the time) photos

Anyway, next time you get the chance, take a walk in the woods and enjoy the trees.

2 Comments on “Tree Love

  1. I truly believe you can take a photo of a toilet, with bad lighting, and it would still come out amazing lol. These tree photos are amazing. I always visit Central Park and admire the trees and the surroundings. Of course your adventure sounds more peaceful, but my walk through the park can be peaceful at times as well. Amazing photos as always 🙂


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