Saturdays in Perth

Jay and I try to get out for lunch at least once a month when the kids are with their father.  Not that we don’t take them for lunch too, but we try to take the ‘us’ time when we have the opportunity.

Busy lives, work and travel means it would be all to easy to not get a minute to ourselves.

We spend time researching where we’ll go – sometimes we’ll wander far (see here and here) and sometimes we’ll stay local (see here and here) but either way, we’ll go out and do something.

This time we took the train into Perth so we could go to the CNR cafe on the corner of Lake St and James St in Northbridge.  Before that though, Jay wanted to go to Typo to see the notebookery and trinket related goodness, so we caught the train to Harbour Town just a few mins walk from City West station on the Fremantle line. It’s an odd name for a shopping centre, given that it’s neither on or even remotely near a harbour and really isn’t a town, rather an indoor/outdoor mall.

We had a little poke about and with stomachs rumbling, we caught the next train back and headed to CNR. We walked down James St into Northbridge, past the arts center and museum, through the shaded streets and then onto Lake St and the new square/plaza thing that was built last year.

CNR is pretty cool, it opens right up and has a nice vibe – the staff were really friendly and the menu interesting.  Jay wanted to go as they have a vegan friendly menu, well, in part anyway.  A lot of their menu options were healthy choices, especially their smoothies and freshly squeezed juices.  Jay had a green smoothie – which was a fruit and veg mix – actually very nice – smelled like a pasture, tasted like juice.

After staying for a coffee and further chilling out, we made out way home with full bellies.  The worst thing – having to walk right past San Churros with no space for delicious chocolatey goodness.  Ah well.

5 Comments on “Saturdays in Perth

  1. It’s always great to have “us” time with your significant other. I absolutely enjoyed all of these photos.. your skills are just wonderful :). Great post


  2. Perhaps we can go there when we come over in a few weeks time. Looks really interesting.


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