Photo Sunday

It’s been a shocker, weather wise, over the last three of four days.  A massive winter storm system has swept in off the Indian Ocean unleashing torrential rain and howling gales (upto 130kmh winds) that have relentlessly battered the Perth coast, with Rockingham copping some of the worst of it.

The bad weather means I’ve not been able to get out to get any air or take any photos.

Yesterday is was like this

Today there have been some breaks in the rain..

I waited until the weather radar (check it out at the Bureau of Meteorology) showed a decent break in the incoming rain, loaded up my camera bag and headed off out.

I had planned to take a load of landscape Polaroids, but all the shots I took came out blank – something about the new film and the light here that do not get on.  Anyway, I wandered along the coast from bay to jetty, taking snaps and being generally blown about by the howling gale and covered in salt spray from the ocean.

Anyway, some piccies of my little jaunt through familiar bays, coves, jetties and anchorages  🙂

Then I went off up the coast to the Kwinana grain jetty, a rather imposing blue structure way off at the far end of Rockingham beach (thank goodness).  The clouds were rolling back in so I wondered if there weren’t some interesting skies to be had.  I’d stupidly forgotten my neutral density filter, meaning I couldn’t do any long exposures, but it was still a productive half hour.

And then it was time to head home again, the skies darkening with rain once more.  Hopefully next week I’ll be able to get out to somewhere new with Jay, somewhere pretty with good coffee and a tasty snack 🙂

6 Comments on “Photo Sunday

  1. Seriously Charlie, your photos are getting more detailed and better every-time I view them. These are just wonderful. You definitely inspire me to pick up a camera. Wonderful post.


    • Thanks Kay – glad you like them 🙂 These are just snaps really – I didn’t bring all the right gear for ‘proper’ landscape shots – maybe next weekend! You should pick up a camera – you can get decent pictures with just about any camera, you just have to see interesting perspectives in every day scenes.


  2. Loving all the wide shots in this series. It was a shocker that day wasn’t it?

    I must get down to Kwinana very soon. Never photographed there before. Must change this!


    • Glad you like them 🙂 It was an horrendous weekend and it’s not got much better – I’m sick of having my hallway flood and my windows leak 😦

      I like that stark industrial against awesome skies look – Kwinana does present a few good opportunities in that regard. You need good clouds/light tho or it just looks butt-fugly!

      Mangles Bay (down by Point Peron) has lots of interest – I’m not even close to being finished shooting down there!


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