Late late late

You know the story, when you *have* to be on time and you even leave the house a little early, all the traffic lights are against you and you get red lights all the way, the traffic is somehow slower than usual, costing you precious minutes, the car park is full and then, when you get to the station, there’s an old lady, in a bright red coat, dawdling on the escalator, standing in the middle, totally oblivious to the fact that there are 20 people backed up behind her, anxiously looking at the flashing 1 minute departure sign on the waiting train

It’s kinda rude to hussle an old lady, especially when she is trying to catch the same train (yes, it turns out that the walking roadblock was actually trying to catch the train too) but it’s agony to ride an escalator as the seconds tick by

1/2 of us made it on. Yes, the lady in red did too, she’s sat in front of me. The others just couldn’t find a way past her to get to the doors 😦

I know we should give old folks a break, hell, I can feel middle age creeping into my joints at nearly 40, but boy that was frustrating!

2 Comments on “Late late late

    • Ah, well, as I’m a Brit (no Aussie passport yet – 2 years to go yet) I am still free to be a miserable bastard who complains about the weather all the time and always gets to play the bad guy in Hollywood blockbusters. And hates old people.

      Actually, I don’t hate them at all, I think the fact that she was elderly is really an inconsequential detail – she could have just as easily been a teenager whose fashionable trousers only make it half way up the butt-crack, or maybe a family with 4 small children 😉 *snigger*


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