Lomo #fail

Regular readers may recall that Jay and I bought a couple of Lomo cameras last year – I got a Diana Mini and Jay got a Supersampler.

Well, as I mentioned, the Diana is shocking – the film hard to load, it gets jammed, the focussing ring is too small and the film strips on rewind. I have a film stuck in there at the moment – it refuses to move forward. Epic #FAIL.

We had similar trouble with the Supersampler – it’s a bugger to load, shredded the film on rewind but redeemed itself with excellent photos. I loaded up another film and took it to Melbourne – I’ll get the shots developed in the week, but I have every confidence they’ll be pretty cool.

It was a shit to get the film out though and a little metal tag thing inside had come away and scratched the film surface – fooook!!!

Then the next film would not load at all. It kept tearing the film no matter what I did.

So both cameras are going to go in the bin. Stupid arse things.

I’m ordering a Superheadz Golden Half next week – hope its better than the Lomo ones!

4 Comments on “Lomo #fail

  1. just stumbled across your site, and couldn’t believe you want to bin a diana mini?! they are not in the bin yet are they??? i’d be willing to take them off your hands 🙂


    • Hey Amiee – welcome to my little world!

      I so wanted to love the Diana Mini, I wanted it to be with me wherever I went and take the most amazing lo-fi photos, but sadly it wasnt to be. I just can’t get on with it – and now the film has jammed in it and I can’t wind on after taking a shot. It might be a simple thing I’m doing wrong, or maybe its the type of film it doesnt like, I don’t know. Maybe its a duff one?

      The SuperSampler is the same – I might try another roll of cheap superia 400 through that (if I can get it load) as the photos are amazing, but I yearn for something that just works! (*cue Holga, enter stage left)

      No, they’re not in the bin yet – my affair with the Mini is over though, and if you want it – I’ll swap it for a couple of rolls of 35mm for my Trip 35 (which isn’t very lomo, but is awesome none the less)


    • yeah, thanks for that, Lou :p

      I gave the Mini to Aimee ^^ in exchange for a few rolls of films – not sure if it worked though

      As for the supersampler, that did go in the bin – the inside was so poorly finished that every film that I used was mangled and scratched 😦


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