oooh, they makes me so mad..

Politicians. Gah!

Somehow politicians everywhere over think the world owes them a living! I know they have to do a challenging job sometimes, but so does everyone else, but somehow they think they are better than everyone else and that’s what irks me the most.

I’ve just read in the Guardian that Sir Nicholas Winterton (aka Lord Chinless Wonder), an MP in the UK has decided that its outrageous that MP’s might be forced to travel in standard class on the train and not the luxurious tax-payer funded gilt-edged first class they are used to.

To add insult to injury, Lord Muck states that the reason for his complaint it that:

there are a “totally different type of people” in standard class.

He went on to say :

“I didn’t say they weren’t as good, but they are in a different walk of life. They are doing different things. Very often they are there with children.

Oh really, Sir Fuckwad, if you don’t want to mix with the hoi paloi, that’s your business and at your cost. How out of touch you have become.

He also says:

“MPs would not be able to get enough work done in standard class because of the noise and disturbance from children”

So, how is it that everyone else can work and survive the commute in cattle class, many working away as best they can for salaries and reward a lot less than yours, but somehow you can’t?

And then he rounds it off with

“So we are supposed to stand when there are no seats … I’m sorry, it infuriates me.”

Oh boo fucking hoo – you do what the rest of the population you’re supposed to be representing does and suck it up.

I think you’ve forgotten who pays your wages, mate.

With that kind of attitude, I think Sir Alan Sugar’s catchphrase is required.
You’re Fired.

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