creepy crawlies

We’re well renowned for our deadly animals down here in UpsideDown Land.

You name any number of ways to get bitten, pronged, chomped, eaten, zapped, stung and poisoned, we’ve got something, usually pretty small and easily missed, that can do you in without breaking sweat.

As some of you might recall, I got bitten by a whitetail spider when I first arrived here and wasn’t that pleased by the effects (nausea, vertigo, general falling over and a big black bite site on my hand that lasted about 3 weeks).  Handily, they’re wandering spiders, seeking out other spiders to nosh on.  Which means they often wander around the house, relatively unseen.

I found one in the study yesterday.  meh.

The other joyful spider we have here is the famous redback.

I’ve seen lots of these little wonders about the place and I’m not to bothered by them, as nasty and toxic as they are, they’re very timid and tend hide out of the way – only coming out at night really.

We get them in the garage a lot and I always keep an eye out for their tell tale messy webs and long strands at 45 degrees anchored to the ground.

The other week I almost walked into one as I was putting the bins out – it had strung itself from the wall to the car at knee height and was happily waiting for its prey or a blundering me to chow down on.   So I’ve been a bit more careful at night now, keeping a good watch out as I really don’t want to get bitten.

And tonight, they’re back.  With their friends too.

Ten of the bit fat black and red striped mummas, all in easily stumbled into places at the front of the house and at ankle height, sitting on their trip wire web strands well out into the garage.  meh!!

So, a can of spray later, they’re all gone.  Well, the ones that I could see.

Trouble is, now all I can feel is things crawling up my leg..

2 Comments on “creepy crawlies

  1. Cripes! That scares the crap outta me, Charlie.

    Can you imagine Nick living in Oz? :))

    *shudder* x


    • He’d be a jibbering wreck! You’d need to toughen up too, missy, no room for scared here, just swift and decisive action!! LOL!


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