Its damn hot again today, not the best for walking 20 mins in a suit 😦

Of course, a year ago, it wasn’t like this in the mornings..it was a lot cooler..

I’ve written about this before, but I think its timely to remind you all..

So a big thank-you to all the morons who voted for daylight savings time to end permanently in Perth.  You bunch of geniuses really didn’t think it through at all, letting your blinkered opinions of how you think things are get in the way of some good solid facts about how and more importantly, when it gets hot in the summer.

The argument for the ending of daylight savings went something like this

  1. Its too hot in the summer and we want the sun to go down quicker to give us rest from the heat
  2. The poor little children are coming home in the hottest part of the day, spare them the misery..
  3. If we shift the time, we can use the super cool mornings to do all things like exercise we couldn’t do after work as it was too hot
  4. The cows get confused (no, really, this was one of the main arguments..) and the milk spoils..
  5. Perth doesn’t need it, change bad

Well, geniuses, heres the rub.

  1. The sun has been up for hours before most of us go to work and the mornings are now quite a good bit hotter now than they were.  The heat climbs pretty quickly once the day is going and levels off around 12ish.  So thanks for making my mornings 5-10 degrees warmer.
  2. The poor little children now have to *go* to school in the heat as well as come back in it – well done for that.  As I just pointed out, the heat builds quickly, so what was cooler 8am, is now pretty warm.  The heat levels off and cools gently to the evening – the difference in the afternoon between 3 and 4 is pretty negligible.  Again, really nicely thought out, daylight savings haters.  You only have to look at a thermometer to know how the temperature profiles during the day.
  3. I’m not seeing a lot of people up at 4:30am jogging and stuff.  So we now have a load of wasted cool daylight until the autumn comes and brings us 6am sunrises again.  Oh, that was another thing, the “dark” mornings in the autumn before the clocks went back for winter were “deadly” apparently, causing accidents and rapes and murders.  Well, once again, idiots, the sunrise being 7am for those last few weeks of DLS  is replicated a month later and throughout the whole winter without DSL, only then its raining too.  Are there more accidents and general anarchy?  No.  Way to go, morons
  4. Dont even get me started..
  5. This sums it up.  The fact that the rest of the world seems to prosper with DLS, and is, on balance, a better use of cooler mornings, better use of evening light for those who actually have to work and commute and generally more conducive to an outdoor lifestyle is totally lost on the people of Perth.   They didn’t have DLS when they were kids, so why do they need it now.

Its all really a moot frigging point as its not overly hot for more than a handful of days a year anyway.  Its easy to focus on the stinking hot days and forget the other 360 days that are just fine, thank you very much.

So, as I was saying before the ranting started, it is hot today and my back is sweaty.  Nice, huh?

Better do some work, I suppose..

5 Comments on “ikky

  1. Perth ended DLS completely!? That’s nuts! Confused cows has got to be the most ridiculous argument I’ve ever heard in my life.

    Do they really get confused?

    I’ve been jealous of your beautiful summer, but that heat sounds a bit much right about now.


    • yes, ridiculous is the word and yes they really did use that argument in the referendum. It was very sad to see the narrow mindedness of the commentary too. Hey ho, it is what it is..I’ll just start mowing the lawn at 5am. Well, apparently, I should be using the cool morning daylight, right?


  2. I love how you put so much time and energy into ranting. I’m pissed off at the queueing I had to do while hungry today but the most I could muster was a two sentence facebook status.

    Go get ’em, tiger 😉


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