ok, its official

Whilst I’m reasonably happy with the shots from the other night, there are a few notable shortcomings that are all related to my lens.  As much as I don’t want to be blaming my equipment, a landscape really does need a wider angle lens.

Also, the sharpness of the image was a little off – I think I left the image stabilisation switched on on the lens, which when its on a tripod means you get tiny lens movements that aren’t necessarily a good thing.  The sea washing away the sand under the tripod legs didn’t help much either.

So, before I invest in a lens, I’m going to try out a lot more shots at different apertures and with the stabilisation off.  I might even try getting some stitches with the 50mm rather than rely on the 18mm wide end of my lens.

Once I’ve done all this (probably in one night, LOL) I’ll start saving for a Sigma 10-20 f3.5 – they’re around AU$750 on ebay so not beyond my means if I’m careful with the pennies for a month or two.

Then, wide angle goodness will be mine, oh yes, it will…

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