Jay just got a text from one of her former work colleagues saying that she can’t come to the wedding tomorrow after all – she has to work.

Well sod right off –  you RSVP’d (eventually – another really long story) which meant you were ok to come. We put in final numbers and we’re paying $200 for your food.

But somehow, a last minute offer of work comes on Boxing Day which takes precedent over over wedding to which you had already agreed to attend.  You didn’t have to work, it would have been easy to say “no, sorry, can’t do it today, I’m going to a wedding”  Thats what most people would have done.

But no, apparently in your world, its fine to send a single brief text to the bride the day before saying you’re not coming.

Also – you’re a swimming teacher and its a Sunday right after Christmas – surely there’s not so much work on that you cant attend the whole wedding? We’re not starting till 3:30 and dinner is at 6, I would have thought even if you did have work, that you could still attend.

So I can only conclude that its bullshit and I hate bullshitters, so you can stuff right off.

I cant believe we invited you over some of our other friends – we wont be making that mistake again


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