I don’t get Flickr sometimes..

Popularity, its a funny old thing.

Sometimes I think I take some really good photos, but get only a small amount of views and no comments on them, and other times, a shot I think is nothing special gets hundreds of views and favourites and comments really quickly.

Is it my perception of what’s good that’s off base, or do people really like average shots more than the truly good ones?

5 Comments on “I don’t get Flickr sometimes..

  1. I think the same thing when I’m browsing through the categories and click on people’s blog entries. Boring, mediocre stuff like “I forgot to buy nail polish today, and I think love is the most important thing in the world” often get around 10 comments by people ‘agreeing’ (you’d wonder why they even take the time, in the face of such a boring post), then I see posts that are well-written, interesting, insightful, often even funny, and no comments at all. People have a hang to prefer the mediocre, because most people are mediocre. ;-] We tend to prefer what we perceive ourselves to be, methinks. I perceive myself as rather weird, so I’m drawn to more out-of-the-way, outlandish stuff. I don’t know, it’s just a wild guess, but it might explain the views on your pictures.


    • yeah, maybe you’re right about the mediocre stuff – so I’m taking comfort that my best pics are the loneliest ones – means I’m pushing away from the mid-line, which is no bad thing. weird is good, without weird we wouldnt have Nick Cave or Salvador Dali


  2. I’m just mad that I didn’t organize my Flickr better. I didn’t figure out sets until I had about 500 photos in there and now I can’t find anything.

    Obviously my problem is just stupidity. 🙂


    • you can create sets and organise them with a simple drag and drop (same with groups) – I doubt it would take you more 1/2 hour to do them all!

      I’ve been trying to create a decent catalogue system for photos on my laptop and external drives and so far, have failed miserably. Backing up 5 years or so of photos now needs 30G’s of space!

      failing to plan is planning to fail. I know this as I do it every damn time!


  3. People are intimidated by anything that is outside of their range of comfort and they simply feel more secure when dealing with the well-known. It takes an investment of time, thought and emotion to appreciate good art, good music, good photography, and many people simply aren’t willing to give that much. They’d rather toss down a handful of peanuts than linger over caviar.


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