claps hands with glee

No, not the High School Musical cheerleader-style TV show, the proper dance and jump around kind. Only not so much of the dancing. Or the jumping, come to think of it. I’m not much of a jumper really. There was hand clapping though, only in a manly kind of a way.

The subject of the excited hand clapping? my wedding ring arrived this morning in sunny Perth from San Diego – Kathleen @ makes some lovely stuff, including this 🙂

wedding ring

wedding ring

Its amazing in the flesh, very chunky and solid with such a nice finish – well worth every $

Not that long to go now..

3 Comments on “claps hands with glee

  1. It’s BEAUTIFUL!!! We still haven’t figured out where we are going to get M’s ring. Or mine for that matter. Maybe we should start thinking about things like that.

    I think I may have to check out that Etsy….


    • Thank you! 🙂 Its awesome – I spent ages searching and debating what kind of ring I should get. Having been married before, I didn’t want to get something that looked like my previous wedding ring (not that there was anything wrong with it – I loved it, it was very cool) – this had the right degree of quirk and uniqueness that I really wanted. I wanted some of the ones on this site too but was afraid to even ask for the prices!!

      Etsy is kinda cool for that actually, there’s a huge choice, but do some research as some of it is quite expensive compared to the shops. That said, I’d rather pay a small artisan jeweller directly than bolster the coffers of a big chain store.

      Happy shopping!


  2. I 100% agree about paying a small artisan jeweller and I’ve become a big Etsy shopper during the whole wedding planning thing. Actually, your soon-to-be wife and I purchased items from the same seller on there! (Small world right?)


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