Spelling Friday.

I am fed up with adults who can’t fookin’ spell! People on Facebook are the very worst offenders for this and its starting to really get up my nose.

So, for those of you who are in any doubt as to which words to use when; here’s a little copy and keep for reference

Your = as in it’s something belonging to you (your ball, your house)

You’re = you are (the apostrophe replaces the ‘a’) – you’re going out later?

There = generally a location or referring to a point in time as a statement. I’m going over there, there is a dog over there. There, I said it.

Their = something belonging to a 3rd person or a group of other people – their socks, their ball. Johnny, can you give their ball back

They’re = they are – same as you’re = the apostrophe is a dropped ‘a’ They’re going over there to fetch their ball.

You cannot use any of these words interchangeably.

There ball = means (as a 2 year old might say) = there’s a ball just there.
Your so funny = that something called ‘so funny’ (a racehorse perhaps?) belongs to you.
It’s over their = its over their what? head? like spelling?

Gah! this is stuff you learned in primary school!!

Next lesson – basic punctuation, capitalisation and full stops. When and where to use.