The observant among you might recall that I have a romantic notion of being a writer.

I have lots of good ideas for book, some fully imagined and started but on hold, some as shells of a vague plot outline, and some as nothing more than words in my head.  Trouble is, I keep getting more ideas than I can actually write and sometimes, the new ideas burn brighter than anything I have in progress.

Well not this time, I’m carrying on with what I’ve started no matter what.  New ideas are written down, filed and forgotten for now so I can concentrate.

I’m setting word goals, have chapter outlines and a very definite perspective from which to do this. Also, unusually, I have no clear idea of how I’m going write the detail.  I know what the plot is, well, kinda, I know some of the events that are going to happen at the start and at the end, now I have to join them together.  Which is interesting.  I love to have all angles of a problem bounded before I can fill in the details.  It’s what I do for my job and it’s very much how my brain likes to work.  So having to fill it in as I go means I have to pay very careful attention to making sure I don’t waffle (unlike this post then!) and always set something up so I can carry on with the next chapter.

I’ve already been back to the first few chapters a dozen times and chopped, hacked and butchered them to make them flow with what I is unfolding on paper and I kinda like it this way – its a bit more organic, less pre-imagined and more natural as a result.  It’s going to take a herculean effort to whip it into shape once it’s all written, but I can actually see this one being finished one day.

And now, back to Chapter 3, I need to fill in the view of the world according to the mind of one of my characters and it’s proving to be a bitch.

For company though, I have The Jezabels – a Sydney based band with the most incredible sound and soaring vocals from a very interesting singer.  I can’t guarantee you’ll like them, but it’s definitely worth a listen if just to hear something new and different.

story time

I have a dream

No, not that kind of dream, as good a dream as that might be, I’ll leave that up Martin Luther King.

A writing dream.  I really want to write books, but I find it hard to keep motivation going.  I have too many other things to do, day to day, including photography, my day job and my family.

So as a result, I have one children’s book that is complete, but still in the editing stage, one novel that is one third done, but I’ve kinda lost interest.

But now I have two brand new ideas.

Work on new book one starts tomorrow 🙂