forum nonsense

people can be so rude on the internet.  its the same behind the wheel of a car – that level of distance from other people enables the very worst behaviour to come to the fore.

If these kinds of people spoke like that to someone else in person, it would be a matter of minutes before they got their head kicked in.   You don’t see (mostly) stupid selfish behaviour in the person to person world as there are obvious and immediate consequences – so why be like that on the net?

Personal attacks and viscous sarcasm – I don’t need it.

So I’m walking away from a few groups on Flickr, a site thats given me a lot of pleasure over the years, but recently, and especially on some groups that I was really enjoying participating in, there are some real shitheads who’s personal attacks are, frankly, pathetic and they’re not worth my time or energy.

I fact, they are so not worth it, that I almost didn’t write this post at all.