O noes!

I had a meeting yesterday so I needed to be all smart, suit and tie and all that.  It’s been a while, normally I’m working from home, so shorts and a t-shirt are fine, especially when it’s hot like it is at the moment.

Anyway, on with a shirt, humm, thats a bit snug.

Suit trousers.


There’s a problem.  an inch, maybe two separates the button from the hole.

This isn't my waist, but it will be in a year if I dont watch it


Seems Christmas was a bit more over indulgent that I realised.

I’m not having that – I’m not getting properly fat, that is just not not going to happen, so it’s diet and exercise time.   I always used to be fit, but I’ve lost the enthusiasm for it here in Australia – its too hot for a good chunk of the year for one thing.   I think, however, that thats really just an excuse. I think that being, lets say, above ideal weight, has made me more susceptible to the heat.

So, its suck it up time.

No more lard, watch what I eat, beer and wine are out for the time being, at least until I get back to where I was a few months ago.  And exercise is back in.

The plan is an hour long walk along the beach every day until my sore Achilles tendon in my left ankle eases off a bit (pretty sure thats due to inactivity rather than anything else) – then I might attempt a run, we’ll see.  Running and I don’t go well together, I have a really sore spot in my lower back, but again, that might just be lack of fitness, so up the fitness and we’ll see happens.   After the running comes breakfast and morning coffee.  Recovery and wake up in one move.

Then work, no snacking.  Lunch will be light sandwich, salads, fish perhaps.

Then, every afternoon after work, its an hour on the bike.  I love cycling but there’s not the network of bridle paths and little back roads that I love for mountain biking in the UK, so I’ve kinda just stopped, which is stupid.   Back on the bike.  And a very light, mostly salad based dinner after that.

Every day, 7 days a week for as long as it takes, no cheating.  I’ll keep you posted

This all sounds very hard, but my walk this morning was no great hardship.