Red Wine Wednesday

I’m going to start a brand new feature – Wednesday Wine of the Week

This may end up being more than just Wednesdays, given my love for the stuff, but lets pretend I’m not a lush.

The Wednesday wine this week is:

Tempranillo grapes are a the main grape used in Spain for Rioja, so have that deep red, full bodied earthy characteristic that makes Spanish reds so good.  It has none of the sweetness and fruit of a Cab Sav, or the tang of a Shiraz – Temps are awesome wines and this one is pretty good.  It wasn’t cheap (not an every day wine, but given that this is Wednesday, lets pass on that statement) but it’s way better than average – distinctly palatable 🙂


been sampling the local wine over the last 4 months

We have an excellent off licence/bottle shop just around the corner with a wide selection of mostly Australian and New Zealand wines.

We’ve cab savved, pinot noired, grenached, cab merloted and are beginning to save up a win list

  1. The Cover Drive – cab sav
  2. Stella Bella- shiraz
  3. Gramps – cab merlot
  4. Gramps – grenache
  5. Coonawara – cab merlot
  6. Mad Fish – pinot noir
  7. Mad Fish – cab sav

will be adding to this as we go on 🙂