Normal Service will be resumed!

Oh dear, this blog has fallen behind

If anyone is still there, I’m sorry!

So, this post is a tale of the last 6 months or so in photo form..

We sold the beach house..20180302_155107

We packed up and moved20180123_102053

I built gates to keep the dogs in20180110_121929

We have space20180330_162937

And a house like a holiday cabin20180429_165513The garden is full of tiny critters..20180113_113607

There are still sunsets (but not quite as spectacular as at the beach..)20180530_172836

I went running in the forests20180218_090820

The Marri trees were in flower.  Everything was hot and dry.20180218_101039

I made new friends20180301_10340520180322_163330

I took the mountain bike out20180301_101104

Down the Munda Biddi long distance mountain bike path.  Well, a small section of it.. 20180304_125307

Autumn came and the light mellowed20180624_093424

As did the trees20180425_155350

I serviced the bike20180414_135517

And changed the tyres20180224_124302

It rained.  A lot. DSCPDC_0002_BURST20180721155555959_COVER

But the view off the verandah was always amazing20180624_170226


And yes, we did get the odd sunset so crazy that even the forest lit right up_20180701_131124

The fruit trees went nutsDSC_0003

We had fires to get rid of the huge amounts of wood we had cleared.20180624_153544And now, Spring is almost here..the flowers are out, the water is flowing in the brook and it’s time to restart the running. DSC_0276DSC_0282DSC_0305


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