Summer in England 2018 – part 1

Finally made it back to England to see the kids after a crappy start to the year where I had to skip the trip over the winter.

It had been a very warm summer in the UK and when I got there it was 35 degrees and everything was so dry!

Anyways – onwards to the pictures!

The traditional hire car photo! Ford Focus – was really nice to drive.


This year, my daughter was busy with a summer camp and couldn’t come, so it was a boys fortnight!

So, what better to do then to go to iconic Battle of Britain airfield RAF Biggin Hill and see some Spitfires and sit in one.

A half hour drive to Heritage Hangers where Spitfires are lovingly restored and regularly flown (for a minor fortune, one can take a trip in a converted 2 seater Spitfire – omg, lottery win wherefor art tho!)   We couldnt stretch to that, but we did book a ‘sit in’ the Spitfire tour.


The 2 seater – we watched as a lucky passenger was taken up and out to fly over the White Cliffs of Dover.  What a noise that Merlin engine makes.

For the story of this plane – go here!


Single seater being worked on.DSCF5713DSCF5707

Tiny spotter plane – I think my motorbike has a bigger engine!DSCF5716

Inside the hangar – a Spit is being worked on – including having the undercarriage tested DSC_0101DSCF5717

Mk1 ready for restorationDSCF5720

Another 2 seater.DSCF5721DSCF5723

2 seater in the process of being restoredDSCF5724

The workshop – rivet by rivet restoration.  All the original parts are on the shelves.DSCF5725


Spanish made Messerschmitt ME109DSCF5733DSCF5737

The true hero of the RAF Battle of Britain – the Hawker Hurricane..overshadowed by the more glamorous Spitfire, but this was by all accounts the superior fighter.


Yours truly sitting in the cockpit of the ‘Spirit of KentDSCF5743

Henry being helped in.  It’s not that easy to clamber in!DSC_0117

Yeah, I reckon this was a good day out!DSC_0120DSC_0123

The cockpit.DSC_0125DSC_0127DSC_0128DSC_0132

Highly recommended day out – not super cheap but an amazing experience with knowledgeable people who love their jobs.

How can you not like Spitfires!

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