Summer in England – part 5

Day of simple pleasures.

Can’t always go out and do huge adventures and long days out – sometimes just staying local and doing simple stuff is needed.

Last year we took a boat out and rowed down the river, this year, we played mini golf!

First, we had to go find some cash, so we ended up walking around the river and Tonbridge Castle for a bit – such a lovely place and it never gets old.


Then onto the mini golf – we did this before a few years ago, but Henry was a bit small – now he was a killer and thrashed Ella and I (not before having a huge tantrum at losing one hole!).  We had good fun and it was nice to get out in the sun and do family stuff.


We had crepes afterwards from the mobile van thingo that was in the park – so good om nom nom.

Then we went for a walk in the woods as per tradition – was a beautiful afternoon so we did the usual hole in the tree, rope swings and grabbed sticks for sword fights.

Awesome 🙂



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