Summer in England 2016 – part 4 – beachtime!

We had a few days of variable weather but really wanted to go to the beach with the entire family.  My sisters have turned into our parents and always insist on getting places super early in order to get a good spot good parking etc.

I begrudgingly accept there is logic in it, but at 7am as we set off for Botany Bay near Margate, I was less convinced!

My niece unfortunately cut her finger a day before and because she needed stitches she had to keep away from sand, so she couldn’t come.  We picked up my nephew anyway so he could still go and went off to meet my sister and her 5 (yes..) kids.

It was overcast when we got there, but the forecast was good and the beach was totally empty apart from a few walkers and some kids doing rugby practice on the soft sand.

The tide was right out, which is perfect – rockpools at the start, then sand forts to hold the sea back as the tide comes in.

dscf4280Henry and I (and a random girl) built a giant dam to hold the water back – was really awesome and we managed to make a huge lake.  Forgive the picture quality – my phone camera really had no idea what to do in the flat light!20160807_110958dscf4278dscf4266

The kids quickly got to work building forts and digging holes and the sun began to burn through the clouds..dscf4262dscf4272

A whole series of forts were built on the sand and one by one they got claimed by the rising tide, but each one was a hard fought battle that the kids didn’t give up until the fruits of their labours was totally washed away.


We all got a little sunburned but had an awesome day.  We packed up and left once the tide was right up and the beach was getting uncomfortably packed.

A simple British day out at the seaside.  What all good holiday memories are made of!

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