Cheeky ride out on the DR650

Rewind a month:  (I know, I’m a bit behind – sue me 😉 )

Was a beautiful day, not much wind, not too warm – perfect for getting out on the bike.  I love the variation between the coast and the hills – there’s not too many places where you can get from one extreme to the other so easily. First up – the beaches around Rockingham.  Yeah, not too shabby.

P1030141P1030145P1030152P1030150P1030147P1030151Then I rode off up to the hills – first via Goldmine Hill – where there was extensive gold exploration but they didn’t find anything apparently.

It’s tucked out of the way and has lovely views out across the coastal plain. P1030170P1030173P1030168P1030172Then I returned via Kingsbury Lookout which has views right up as par as Perth (which you can make out on the horizon on the right – especially in the last pic.  Thats about 60km away in a straight line.P1030164P1030165

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