Easter in England 2015 – part 3

We met up with the my sisters and their kids at Bedgebury Pinetum.  It’s a fair drive from my parents place and we got a bit lost (note to Bedgebury folks – the directions were a bit crap and the place isn’t really marked on my GPS).  Still – it’s getting lost through amazing countryside, so it was no big deal.

After a quick coffee, we booked up on this thing called Go Ape.

It’s a high wire course through the trees and the kids and my eldest nephew really wanted to have a go.

I first took Henry on the junior course, which was a lot of fun.  I was surprised he enjoyed it so much as he’s not normally that adventurous, but he had a ball, even off the zipwire, which a year ago, he’d have baulked and we’d have been going down the long way.


We got kitted up and hooked our travellers on to the wire.  You fall off, you basically can’t go anywhere and you can only detach the traveller at the bottom of the zipwire.


It’s pretty high up for small kids! (and bigger ones too)


Then came the zipwire.  There’s not much you can do except just throw yourself off and then try not to land on your bum at the bottom!

DSCF2196DSCF2198  DSCF2188

Down came the boy – he loved it!


One happy camper!

I then did the adult course with Ella and my eldest nephew.

It’s really high up in the trees and clipping onto the safety wires is your own responsibility (erk!) All sounds good until you’re zipwiring from 30 metres above the ground (see the image at the top of the post for an actual shot from the top of one of these things..)  hoping that you (and your kids) were paying attention at the safety briefing!  I jest – it’s pretty easy and hard to get wrong if you’re methodical about it and check thing over before a big leap.

We were making really good progress around the course when my nephew got stuck, somehow jamming the handrail rope into the carabiner holding on the traveller (yeah, if that had come off, he’d have only been saved by the safety line).  It took the supervisors about 30 minutes to free him from the middle of a 30 metre wire crossing.  Not good.

Anyway – many hours and tarzan rope swings, ladder ascents, massive zipwires later, we made it to the final stage and zipped off on the longest zipwire.  Awesome fun, but not for the faint of heart.

A great day out.

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