busy weekends

Its not been a very good few months for weekends – there’s been so much to do I feel like I’m going back to work on Mondays for a rest!  What with all the clearing up of the storm damage, fixing my roof and getting the back garden ready for the new fence.Then the whole family was sick and blah blah, I felt like I’d not had a proper break in ages!

A friend of mine delivered a solid jarah workbench for me a couple of weeks ago (which was really cool) – now I can make stuff, plus I have space for my film developing machine in the shed.

Last weekend, little ‘un declared that she wanted me to build a guinea pig run.  She made a plan (complex, fanciful, involving swings and slides and a maze) and presented it to me.  I bought enough wood to make a rectangular cage and lid and some pet wire mesh for the sides.   I cut up the wood and stained it yesterday and then assembled the cage today.  Pine, the worst wood in the world!  Its soft and splits and is such a pain in the arse 😦

Anyway, eventually, the cage was finished – hours and hours of mucking about with staple guns and getting covered in wood stain.

I know, I’m a master carpenter, what can I say.

At least the guineas are happy – next time though, I’m going to just buy stuff from the shops rather than spend all my precious weekends on stuff!

By now it was 5pm and the sun was heading down and the light was softening up nicely, so the kids and I popped down to the beach to take some piccies and catch the last half hour of the daylight.

Some abstracts -the sea was so calm that even a faster shutter speed should produce the smooth glassy motion pans.

And that was that – now its onto the ironing and my alarm clock for work is only 9 hours away..


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