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And before I was even over my travel fatigue from going to England, I had to go back to Brisbane.  Ok, I do get to fly business class, but it’s only a small consolation on a 4:30 hour flight – there’s still the stuck in the seat feeling that no matter what class of travel you can afford (perhaps a first class suite cabin on Singapore or Emirates Airlines would be an exception).

Anyway, Brisbane it was for another week.

Brisbane is an interesting city – business, residential, going out and shopping are all fairly well integrated – you can walk from the city to home via bars and restaurants, you can shop and chill out for a drink – its awesome.

plus they have managed to preserve many old buildings – the city is a good mix of old and new.

Even the car parks are cleverly disguised.  This appeared to be wrapped in black plastic!

we were entertaining some clients all week – so we had to go out on more than one occasion 😉  This was at the excellent Cha Cha Char restaurant by the Brisbane River – I was really glad my company was paying – nothing was cheap – but the food was excellent.

We still had time after our meetings to walk back to the hotel, which meant time for a few piccies 🙂  We took the City Cat ferry back from near to the office to the pier near the hotel – it was very cool – I’d recommend it to anyone as a good way of a) getting around and b) sightseeing, especially at night.

I’ll leave you with a shot of the iconic Story Bridge.

Then it was time to fly off again – most of Australia was covered in cloud this trip, but as we neared Perth, the skies cleared and we had stunning views of the Nullabor, the wheatbelt and all the way into Perth.

And we were greeted back home with a stunning sunset, Perth style.

Thats all from Brisbane – next up, Saturday lunch in Perth.


4 Comments on “More travels

  1. Hi,
    I’m glad you enjoyed your little stay in Brissie, and it is great that you had a ride on the City Cat, and saw some of the night lights.
    Great photos.


  2. Really dig that last night shot. The lighting from the city gives the water that nice icy glass feel.


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