I had a few minutes before dinner the other night, and as the light was lovely, I thought I’d pop to the beach to take a few shots.  Well, I missed the best of it – the sun goes down so fast here – you really have to lie in wait for the golden light, if you see it, you’re already too late.  Ah well.

Anyway, not to waste an opportunity, I used the rapidly descending darkness to take some more abstracts.

Experimenting with 2.5:1 panorama crops and a natty little black border – what do you think?

7 Comments on “Abstracts

  1. These are really beautiful Charlie! Sorry I’ve not been by in a while but I love what you’ve done to the place. Looks great, nice and clean layout.


    • Hey you 🙂 Thanks – just when I think I’ve done with them, I get some more good ones. I should keep on keeping on really. Layout – yeah, that was very much needed I think – simple, a bit like me!


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