Holidays, part 3 – Groombridge Place

Groombridge Place ( is only 30 mins drive from my parents house.  I’ve been there before about 4 years ago with Ella, not that she remembers really, just snippets here and there.  It’s a pretty cool place – an old moated English country house and beautiful gardens that also has an adventure playground and an ‘enchanted forest’ walk for children.   Good enough to keep the kids happy for a few hours anyway.

We had a poke around the lovely gardens, took a load of flower photos (which I’m not really sure what to do with) and then had lunch with a curious peacock.

After that we walked off to the enchanted forest, ran around a bit and saw the most irritating old couple in the entire universe. The kids we only just entertained by the forest walk – it’s actually pretty lame – don’t go expecting realistic dragons hiding in the trees.  It’s seen better days since we were there before. It does have a certain charm though.

The next part is the wooden walkway through the forest, which is still cool.  There are giant swings too – Ella was only just big enough to have a go on those – she loved it, swinging 30 feet into the air.  Health and safety?  Not here, guv.

All in all though, the kids had a really good time, were well fed with ice cream and were worn out.  Not a bad day really.

Next up – flowers and stuff.

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