The one good thing about my little LX5 (yes, I’m still harping on about it) is that it has a macro capability, plus you can set it to different aspects on the camera (square, landscape etc) – which is pretty handy for composing flower type pictures.

I’m not really that into taking shots of flowers – they’re pretty enough and close up, they can be interesting I suppose – but I’m just not that good at taking them for the most part.  I’ve seen some corking flower photos – some people can just visualise something that the looks good.  I’ve also seen black and whites flower shots where the picture is all about form, light and texture – now that I do find genuinely interesting.

It’s summer in England and the flowers are out everywhere and it’s too tempting to pass up a quick snap or two.

Nice enough – plenty of colour for everyone 😉  Some of them would even work on a greetings card or big canvas, but I’ll leave that to others that do this kind of thing more seriously.

And now onto a few black and white shots.  I find these much more interesting, but they do take a lot more forward planning – you have to be able to see what you want from the final shot before you take it or it just doesn’t work in the conversion.

So there you go – that’s my fill of flowers for a while – it’s very pretty over here at the moment, but I think I’ll leave the close ups of flowers to those who do it way better than I do!

Next up – The Nifty Fifty.

15 Comments on “flowers

    • Thanks for your kind comment 🙂 I was pretty impressed with that rose too – it was shot with that in mind, but the quality of the result was blind luck!


  1. These are stunning Charlie! Faves would have to be #7 (white) #10 and the leaf. I wouldn’t have thought to fill the whole frame like that! It might be an idea for the future to add some interest to my folio.
    If you ever want to go out & get some ideas during spring, let me know though to be honest you downplay your skill somewhat!!!


    • Thanks Kell! We all have different perspectives on the world – it’s good that you see things very differently or it’d be very boring. I only see flowers like this – close up, symmetrical, square, bold – try as I might, I can’t do the depth of field thing. And yes, sounds like a plan!


    • Along with the white one, it’s my fave. I was very pleased with the conversion. I’ll never be able to repeat it though, blind luck is shitty like that!


    • Hey Lucy – most cameras (especially point and shoots actually) should be able to do that – make sure you switch it to macro mode and get really close. What camera do you have?


        • With the Vivitar – it appears, looking at the manual online, to have a macro mode in the settings – thats your best chance to get good detail on flowers. You might have to experiment a bit!

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          • Thank you! I will try to find the macro mode, AND thanks for letting me know it has a manual online. I relly appreciate it.


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