so slack!

One post in a week – thats pretty piss poor.  Ah well.

So, whats been happening?

My Birthday.  Apart from that fact that I was working from 8am till 11pm and couldn’t celebrate at all – I had a wonderful day.  Jay bought me a guitar fx thingumy which means I can sound like Dave Gilmore or Kurt Cobain, even if I can’t actually play like them in any way.

So I’ve been playing loads this week, not something I’ve done much in years – as my fingers will testify to – blister central.  Ah well, no pain no gain.  Currently learning Another Brick in the Wall and trying to get a good sound for ‘Standing in the Way of Control’ by The Gossip.

Jay also got me a cupcake making kit and book.  I love cupcakes and have this idea that I could be the male cupcake king of the internet.  or something.  Anyway – they look awesome – more on this in the next post 🙂

2.  Work.  Been very busy.  Very very busy.

3.  Play.  We went out to Serpentine National Park last weekend for a walk (well, as much as Jay’s back can stand) and some photo taking.  I’m trying to take a lot more shots with my film cameras so I can justify a future investment in a Hasselblad or Rolliflex.  Mostly used the iPhone though, cos its instant gratificaiton!

4.  Jay had her operation on her back, which worked well for one day, but since then she’s been worse than ever 😦  Hopefully its just a temporary setback.

Thats kind of it for now, next posts – Trip to Fremantle, cupcakes and gardening

3 Comments on “so slack!

  1. HAPPY BELATED!!!!!!! I hope it was wonderful and those pictures are amazing!

    Please give Jay a (very careful) hug from me. I hope she feels better quickly. That SUCKS!


    • Thank you, sweetie – good news today… I do believe my back is healing at last (I have no pain – of course I have probably now jinxed myself lol). Be joining you in yoga before too long – woo!


    • Thank you 🙂 I did have a good day and one of the highlights was having my family here and my kids in England (via Skype) sing happy birthday to me! Worth more than any present that is.

      Jay’s back is getting there but the pain has moved to her neck (took it 6 months from the altar to now :p but I got there in the end :p) – she’s taking it gently today..

      I love the iPhone (and I might just love the new 4G one even more…have you seen it? man, soooo shiny!) – it produces interesting pics every time. Hipstamatic is the bomb.


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