let them eat cake

A little while ago (in a place far far away.. *cue music…* no, wait, thats star wars..) I decided that I wanted to make cakes.  Cupcakes to be specific.

I have no idea why, they’re girlie things really, but they’re perfect bit sized pieces of heaven that can be made in about 30 mins and in a myriad (love that word) of different varieties.

So, Monday we made chocolate caramel with almonds and a chocolate butter icing with grated chocolate and almond sprinkles.

They were delish, perfecto and by now, Wednesday, all eaten.  They are only teeny.

So, tonight, after lovely home made pizza, and perhaps fuelled by the couple of pints of beer I had consumed, I decided to make more.

All hail pistachio vanilla sponge cupcakes with purple butter icing and pistachio sprinkles.

Oh yeah baby!

7 Comments on “let them eat cake

  1. Look like the little fairy cakes I used to make. Yum yum! Put cherries in them and icing +cherry on top, but then butter icing +etcs look scrumptious


    • They’re a bit smaller than those ones. Morello cherry ones with fondant icing is next on the list 🙂 so much fun and all done and edible in under and hours prep and cooking. I’m going to have a go at some gluten free ones soon, I gather there are some issues with gluten free self raising flour, so it could all end in tears!


    • They are delicious! (he says, having only just chomped on one) – they are straight out of a book, but once I get the hang of making consistent bases, then the world is my lobster..

      And no, sadly I don’t think butter icing will be good after a week traversing the globe 😦 They’re dead easy to make though, if I can can do it, you sure can!


  2. I think Salt and I should start planning a trip to your place for dinner. I think the bazillion hour plane ride might just be worth it.


  3. Your darling wife would like to place her order for a delicious vegan version on the weekend.

    Thanking you most kindly.


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