Sydney part 2

So my trip to Sydney is done and I’m back home in a slightly chilly Perth.

The training course was pretty intense and by the last day my brain was not taking in any more information – was so glad to be heading home.

Interesting things about Sydney.

1.  Double decker trains.  brilliant idea – fit twice the number of people on the train.  Perth, listen up.

2.  On the trains, the seat backs could be moved so you can always sit in the direction of travel  Another good idea.

3.  The coffee was pretty good.

4.  The harbour bridge is brown

5.  The opera house was a bit smaller than I thought but looked lovely in the sunset

6.  Darling harbour is pretty at night, but lacks character

7.  You can’t buy a pint – only schooners, which are just over 1/2 a pint.  meh!

8.  The traffic was terrible

9.  The taxi drivers are nuts.

Which leads me on to the ride from the airport to the hotel when I first got there.

The guy was a psycho.  I should have realised he accelerated over the speed bumps and practically ran other cars off the road and that was before we left the ramp out of arrivals.    He was basically full on the throttle until just before the point of a fatal crash when he hit the brakes as hard as he could.  I think he hit the speed limit on the way out of the airport and then back outside the hotel – other than that, warp nine all the way

He drove like a madman, but I suspect, given his nationality (which I won’t mention), this may just be the way he was taught.    How we got to the hotel without killing someone or dying in a fireball I will never know – I was so scared my hands were dripping with sweat.  Ferrari would be wise to seek him out for next years Grand Prix season.

Anyway – work, beer, food, wine, train, rinse, repeat.

Except for one evening, where I popped out to get a pic of Darling Harbour all lit up.

Darling Harbour

Can’t wait to go back with the missus and a lot more time.

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