I hate colds

I’m sick again – must have picked something up from Sydney or on the plane, who knows.

Its a horrible stinking cold this time, the worst type that gives that tickle and almost sneeze but not quite right behind your eyeball and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.  Helpfully its also giving me a horrible migraine which drugs, sleep, rest, jumping or indeed anything is just useless against.  Actually I’m sure that not staring at a small font and blogging is probably more effective than the Neurofen I just guzzled, but I don’t care – I have to do something.

So, colds.  Whats the point?  Its not as if after 3 days I get better and discover a new superpower I didn’t have before.  Its just 3 to 5 miserable snotty days with a sore nose and not being able to breathe.  And for what?  Nothing.  The perpetuation of some miserable sneaky snot living virus that does no good other than to make the host feel crap.

So, I vote for no colds.  Its not like the other big diseases, I respect them – catch ebola and its curtains.  Bit like the snakes and spiders that live here in Oz – stay away, big time danger.  Colds are a bit like being bitten by a midge, annoying and serves no useful purpose other than to annoy.

I shall be miserably making my way through this week with another mountain of work ready to plonk itself on my aching head, suffering from the viral equivalent of a swarm of gnats.


2 Comments on “I hate colds

  1. Nooooooooo!!!! I’m sorry you’re sick, but I can relate. I don’t think there is a flight that I have ever been on when I DIDN’T end up with some kind of awful cold afterwards. Stupid recycled air.

    Get well soon friend!


    • yeah, flights are terrible for it – I was really sick just before I got married cos I did that back to back Oz to Uk and return trip. Ah well, don’t have to fly for another few months, so hopefully I’ll be germ free for a bit. And thanks 🙂 Almost better now, back into the office tomorrow.


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