10 things

I was kinda nominated to do this by Lauren ages ago although the full nature of the nomination shall not be mentioned as I have blokey blokeness to be maintained 😉

**hucks a haybale onto my shoulder before going off to raise a barn** (not really, I don’t think the City of Perth would be too happy with either hay bales or barns)

So here we go, 10 things about me that will surprise and amaze.

1. I love reading maps.  Any kind of map.  Google Earth is like ultimate map porn for me.
2. I broke my right wrist right across the joint when I was 24 and it didn’t heal properly. The joint grinds and crunches still.
3. I’ve just got married 🙂 You probably know this from the wedding post I just did.  Not really a surprise or an amazement.  Well, I’m still amazed she said “I will..”
4.  I once “ran away from home” when the cat died (I was about 7) by jumping out of the bedroom window and hot footing it up the road in the pouring rain.  The one thing I remember is h0w soggy my socks felt as I overlooked the need for shoes.
5.  I love photography.  Thats not really a surprise again is it?  This is turning into 10 statements of the bleedin’ obvious
6.  I picked strawberries for a whole summer when I was 16 so I could buy a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar.
7.  Despite years of practice, non-guitarists can play better than I can.  I did play in a band in my yoof though and were were quite terrible.

8.  Even though I work in IT, I have a geology background with an honours degree and masters.  I love earth science, geology, climate science (I dont believe the man made global warming hype one iota) and that kid of thing.
9.  I love cheese.  nom nom.
10.  I have cycled one of the Pyrenean mountain stages on the Tour de France on a crappy mountain bike.  This included the infamous Col du Tourmalet

What a hunk, huh? 😉

So there you go.  I can tell you’re all bowled over, astounded and truly amazed

One Comment on “10 things

  1. I’m surprised I said I will, too, after having to endure multiple wrist-crunching demonstrations..


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