party night

The 80’s cocktail party for Jay and my Hen and Bucks night on Saturday night was frickin’ incredible!

You’ll have to wait for the photos as I’m at work right now, just spending a few mins collecting my thoughts before I have to tackle solution design and my brain descends into the dark depths of IT for the rest of the day..

Everyone got dressed up (as you’ll see later) – our friends had done us proud by decorating their house top to tail in old 80’s record sleeves, records, 80’s posters etc.   I had lugged over an entire boot full of alcohol in earlier in the week and that and the cocktail glasses were nicely arranged on the kitchen bench ready for action.

The music was cool – although not the 80’s stuff I remember from growing up in the UK – I guess thats one cultural difference thats going to continue to pop up

Cocktails were brilliant, so much fun mixing and shaking them, but not as much fun as the drinking *hic*

Got quietly plastered, danced a bit (I think) and had such a good time.

Jay and I walked the 10 mins home at about 2am and she didn’t get up until 4pm the next day!

Pics to follow 🙂

4 Comments on “party night

  1. I can’t wait to see your picture. That sounds like such a fun tradition that you don’t normally see in the US.

    And you couldn’t have had a better theme!


    • its only cos we’re old farts and can’t be bothered with tequila slammers and strippers… LOL! was great to have a joint party and 80’s is such a cool theme too. Just a shame Jay wouldn’t snog me as I had more makeup on than her 😉


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