you know, one foot in front of the other.

when you have time, its such a refreshing thing to do. Walked about 6km yesterday – from Perth station to Oracle and back again, via Kings Park.

It took 30 mins or so in each direction and as I was carrying a laptop and stuff, I have a slightly clunky back this morning, but it was so nice to get so much fresh air.

I had to get the bus this morning (which was a hideous experience) but I’ll be walking home tonight.

Back to Perth tomorrow for some more walking..

One Comment on “walking

  1. I agree, walking rocks. For some strange reason I remember things that I witnessed or thought about while I was walking a lot more clearly oftentimes than I do the things that happened to me when I was inside the house / sitting down / riding public transportation.

    Wasn’t there a philosophy by some Greek philosopher about how it’s easier to learn and gather your thoughts while you walk? I remember there were some students at uni who actually adhered to this and were walking around campus learning from textbooks.

    On a side note, it must be spring where you are, if it’s Autumn over here. I still could never imagine celebrating christmas in summer!


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