compare and contrast..

I just sat back on my home office chair and noticed something – the way I’d laid out my phone and laptop spoke volumes.. so I took a picture to show you…

My work laptop and phone



My personal laptop and phone



Interesting, huh?

My work, which is very important in the scheme of things to both me and my company – if I can’t work well, then it costs lots of $$ – gives me the most basic phone I’ve ever seen and a base spec business laptop. Actually, I’m not complaining about the laptop, it might be basic, but it works fine, I just need a bigger harddisk – 50G these days for demos and virtual machines is waaay too small. The phone on the other hand, is embarrassing.

My home setup technically isnt that important (as in I don’t need it to pay the mortgage etc) – however it does keep me in touch with my kids on skype which is pretty important, and I also use it for my photography obsession to process photos and more recently, for writing children’s books. So, this largely non-essential use and I manage to have a hugely better spec machine (and oh so shiny too) than work. My phone is also muuuch better than my work phone and more appropriate (calendar/3G/email sync etc).

I’ve never had particularly good work laptops and I’ve always had to compromise in what I want to do -surely thats an oxymoron!

4 Comments on “compare and contrast..

  1. If yours is the June ’09 model, we have the same laptop!
    Is that a nokia n95 that you have?
    What you do on your setup sounds a lot more important than anything I ever do on mine ;-]
    My rig>

    Your work laptop looks like one of the first laptops I ever owned ;-] In hindsight, it was a reliable machine in the sense that I haven’t managed to break it in all the 5 years that I used it!


    • yeah, its the new one – only a month old – b’stards reduced the prices last week though *sob* I’ve also recently decided, coincidently, that the coolest people use Macs !

      I got the N95 from a workmate who has gone the way of the iPhone and never looked back – was a pretty good deal – AU$200 for a lightly used phone like that. Just wish the OS was a bit faster, it can be terribly sluggish.


      • Is it true that the battery life on the n95 is on the bad side?
        How come you’re not going the way of the iPhone? They sell prepaid iphones over here so I picked up a 3G a while back. It’s the most kickass phone I”ve ever owned. It might have been a good deal, but methinks you should definitely go the way of the friend who sold you his old phone ;-]

        It’s refreshing to have found another mac enthusiast around here, by the way!

        I wish the trackpad on the MBP wasn’t as good as it is, as it is now I have no excuse whatsoever to put the magic mouse on my wishlist, while I sort of want to!


  2. yeah, the battery kinda sucks. I charge it every other day, which is pretty poor, but then it does so much, what with the big display, camera, 3.5G, GPS etc that I’m not surprised. The slidey top is the bit that annoys me the most – it unlocks they keypad when its in your pocket. meh!

    Macs are cool, I love my MBP and the gesture trackpad is true genius, going back to my PC feels truly backward.


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