Big Day Out

well, not big, but as Jay’s back has been really sore for months, it was a big deal for her.

We took the train into Perth yesterday so we could go to the WA Art Gallery and also see Kevin Ballantine’s Holga exhibition in the Spectrum Project Space on Beaufort Street.

Had lunch in the Belgian Beer Cafe on Murray St – was deserted but the food was excellent, all washed down with a little Belgian beer, of course πŸ™‚

Fully fed, we popped over to the art gallery – there were quite a few new bits downstairs which was nice. For more information see

There was an abstract photography exhibition by Richard Woldendorp which had some amazing and huge shots of bits of Australia taken from the air. Very impressive stuff.

Also an exhibition of mini metal sculptures by Mari Funaki -amazing little steel things and also jewellery – not wearable, but so intricate and very different. Along the jewellery theme there was a wonderful exhibit by David Walker – the most exquisite pendants and broaches and stuff. Would love to see how he makes them.

Bumped into a guy in the cafe who commented on the Holga (I was taking pics of the teacups stuck on the wall) – he had a very tasty Leica M6 strung around his neck. I’d love one of those!!

We then hobbled to the Spectrum gallery (backs starting to hurt now – mine included) to see what Kevin Ballantine ( was showing – amazing stuff – the Holga images are so evocative, even more so in the flesh. He had a load of digital works too which were cool, very expressive. Kevin was there too and was happy to share his tips and tricks with the Holga – he’s was a cool guy, we chatted a while about photography and stuff and was very engaging. Was totally worth the back pain of going.

And then we came home again.

Oh, and The Watchmen – man, thats a long film and not that good either. an average 5/10

And that was Saturday πŸ™‚

One Comment on “Big Day Out

  1. I had the best day. Was incredibly impressed with Mari Funaki’s sculptures. Loved David Walker’s jewellery, so intricate.

    Dunno about you, but I’m having quite a lovely Sunday too.


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