Clarkson wisdom

I’ve been reading another Jeremy Clarkson book and one thing jumped out of the page at me.

Its something an American policeman said to him when he was trying to load a van in a no loading zone outside a closed airport – so at that time, the no loading thing was meaningless – noone was there. Clarkson suggested the cop use common sense – but the cop didnt see it that way and replied..

“we don’t need common sense, we have laws”

now bugger me if thats not a reflection of how authority in Australia, well, WA in particular thinks.

I was looking at a sign on the train today, a new and updated sign. Its all the don’ts. Dont do this, that, the other or its a minimum $100 fine. There’s no common sense, no argument, no reasoning or room for negotiation. What if it was hot and you needed a drink? well, its a $100 fine if you drink on the train. Someone was done for that very thing in front of me this morning. Is it really too much to ask for a bit of common sense? Having a sip from a drinks bottle is a world away from eating a smelly Big Mac and large spillable coke. But no, the train guards obey the Clarkson observation. We have laws, we don’t have to have common sense.

Its the same with people who fall over in the street and want to blame someone else (fell over a cracked paving slab – boo fucking hoo – look where you are going, moron) Common sense.

The Police here are the same with speeding. 1km over the speed limit and you’re caught, bang to rights and lectured to like you were driving a tank through a primary school playground at recess.

Common sense would tell you that not everyone looks 100% of the time at the speedo and yes, just occasionally, they might speed up 5, 10km over the limit. They didnt mean to do it, they would probably slow down again naturally a few moments later and actually, unless they’re doing it in a crowded carpark, it matters very little. Would be so useful if Plod would see it that way too. But no, they laws – common sense not required.

Politicians are the same – have to stick to their guns about stuff cos its something they promised years ago that is now irrelevant and actually counter-productive, but hey, promise is a promise (this is the vote on shopping hours) or partisan voting because you have to support the party line – the opposition cant have anything useful to say.

Well – all I can say to this stupid authoritarian, inflexible, unthinking, sheep like, brainless, don’t blame me, if I don’t my boss will chew my arse nonsese is :

fuck. right. off.

Get some common sense, use that brain you were born with once in a while. Break the rules a little, its really quite liberating

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