well, lack of really – its been a quiet few weeks with nothing specific going on. The step kids have broken up from school for almost 3 weeks so they’re busy running around the house beating each other senseless. Jay’s back is really not getting better yet, so she’s having to take it easy – just sitting in the car for 20 minutes is almost unbearable for her, which is kind of restricting what we can do and where we go. It’ll probably be that way for some months yet I suspect. Just in time for Spring then.

Been a bit quiet on the photography front. I’m planning to enter an Exhibition scheduled for December, hopefully it’s not going to be when my kids and parents are here, cos I wont be able to attend – we’ll see. So I’ve been taking pictures in anticipation of that event – its called “FLUID” so I have several ideas, not least of them involving the ocean, given that I live 500 meters from it. I don’t expect to have a final set to submit until close to the due date – I’ll keep on taking shots, experimenting and seeing what develops.

In the meantime, here’s one that I do have that’s along one of my themes.

experiments with motion

experiments with motion

Went out at the weekend to Mundijong to take a few fillflash photos – got some nice ones of Jay – still need to work on the ambient/fill balance a bit, its not quite right yet.



That brings me onto the last thing that happened this week of note – the Ashes.  Yes, Cricket.

1st Test, England were a bit outgunned by Australia, they didnt bat badly in the first innings, they go a fairly decent score actually, but the Aussies batted better and England couldn’t bring any venom to the bowling.  So it came down to the end of last day – England had to get a few runs to ensure the Aussies had to bat again and the Aussies had the last two batsmen in the England squad out with an hour or so of play left to win the match.

But they didnt – The English held on and the match was a draw, such is the way of things.  However, the Aussie captian, one Mr Ricky Ponting, complained and bitched and told tales and called the English unsporting for wanting a change of gloves for one of their batsmen in the last few overs of the game (given that it was lose or draw, I’d want the best chance too).

Well, Ricky – you’re a whining crybaby big girl.

You had a massive advantage and you played very well. but you fucked up with the bowling at the end and couldn’t convert that advantage to a win so had to blame someone else.

Its how test cricket goes.  Suck it up.

You want to know why the English love to hate the Aussies at cricket – its that attitude.     They’re awful gloating winners and the worst losers ever.  Australia play some awesome cricket, but the arrogance and childish petulance that comes along with it just makes us want to wipe their noses in it.

So, with apologies to my adopted nation


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