I seem to have finally shaken the cold/flu thing that I’ve been laid up with for so many weeks.  I’m still not 100%, but I’m no longer weighed down by it.

At the same time though, Jay has really done her back in – the physio thinks its a disc injury in her lower back, but the muscles are still so tight that he cant get to that bit yet.  I suspect she’ll be off work for a couple of months 😦

In other news, I’m going to take part in a photography exhibition in December – hopefully before I have to go get the kiddies and get married and stuff.

Had a corker of a sunset the other night – bought a Cokin ND4 filter to slow things down a bit at sunset time, tying to get some more motion blur in the sea and sky.  Think I’ll need an ND8 though, a 4 really isnt enough.  Even so, the piccies turned out well

Sunet at Point Peron

Sunet at Point Peron

Sunset and Point Peron

Sunset at Point Peron

Work is very slow at the moment, so I’m building a demo setup with Oracle middleware – Portal, BPEL, Service Bus and the like.  Hopefully I can get it all hanging off one instance of WebLogic Server – We’ll see.

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