so much for

..only using the 50mil for 3 months like I said I would in April – I’ve been using the 18-200 for landscapes too.  I kinda forgot about that.

At least I haven’t taken the 18-200 out with me for general shots – I spose thats something to hold onto.

Someone told me once that great pictures are made by getting close and thats what I’m being more and more drawn to of late.  So much so that I reaaaaallly want a wide angle – probably the new Nikon 10-24mil, or maybe a Sigma 10-20.  They’re not that “fast” though, but its pretty bright here so that shouldnt be a big problem – maybe a 10mil f2.8 prime would be better? Oh, and I’d love a fisheye too..

Or maybe I should just suck it up and go full frame and buy a D700 get used to the wider field of view with what I already have?


Not that I have any money at the moment, I just spent $8000 on air fares so I can get my gorgeous kids over to Perth for my wedding at Christmas

A bad workman always blames his tools blah blah – I’ll just suck it up, its not as if a D300 and the stuff I’ve got is actually crap – faaaar from it.  I’m just needy. LOL

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