bullying in the workplace

so, my other half has been working as an Education Assistant in a local special needs school for the last 6 months.  Sadly, there has been serious ongoing bullying there by some members of staff – all directed at one particular classroom and all the people that work in it.

Unfounded allegations, smear campaings, backstabbing etc – so much so that they complained to the princpal on many occasions.  The teacher in the classroom complained.  Some of the trouble makers were moved out of that part of the school into other parts and everyone was assured that it was being dealt with.

But nothing was being dealt with.  The moved staff were now free to form little bitch clubs unobserved by the affected girls, and were now able to spread even more vicious rumours.  More complaining later, more reassurances.  No action.

And now, after all this witnessed bullying, the victims (who didnt participate in it at all..they have better things to do) have all been made redundant and the bullies have all been given permanent positions in the school.

Worse than that, the victims of the bullying were assured that they had jobs next term (verbal contract anyone?) and things were in hand.  So they didnt look for other work.  And today, they found out that they didnt have jobs.

Guess how they found out?

The bullies sauntering past the classroom singing “karma, karma, nothing like karma…”

Which means they were told, by the principal, before the staff in that classroom. Nice.

Some people are considering legal action.  This all means that the school, and by inference, the education department are actually condoning the bullying.  More than that, they’re participating in it.

Jay hurt her back this week in an accident at work – we’ve just found out that the school is trying to insinuate that she didn’t know how to lift children properly  – maybe they’re doing this so they’re not liable for the medical cover and workers comp.

Utter, utter bastards.

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