so, its been a while since an update, been busy with work and life, as you do.

So, whats been happening since. Well, we had a few plays with the Bowens Gemini 500 lights

First we had them out at Hallowe’en, taking shots of the kids dressed up as zombies and vampires etc. That was pretty cool, but it was trial and error and the backdrop really didnt drop back to black. Photoshop and levels and stuff did wonders, but it wasnt perfect. Still – we got some wicked shots.

Then we did a photoshoot for Mel and Eddie and their new baby. Tried out against the black background, different lighting setup (closer and lower power, had them standing away from the background so that light falloff would turn it black without having to resort to heavy Photoshop etc etc)

Pretty happy with the results actually – we made some “mistakes” – more things we left out, rather than things we messed up. I think I’d place the lights a little closer, use more power and use a narrower aperture next time. Also look out for shadows more. And use a tripod and the modelling lamps a bit more, even though they are a bit warm. That said, we got some awesome pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

Last weekend we went on a fill flash workshop, working on how to use flash to balance background to foreground – particularly when shooting into bright light/sun etc to avoid the subject being silhouetted. Very interesting course it was too – run by Rob at We got some wicked shots of the model he brings with him (she just happens to be his very lovely and patient daughter) on Coogee Beach jetty, shooting into full sun.

Next step – lots more flash outdoors ๐Ÿ™‚

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