I’m working in Cannington (for you non Perth-ites, its a southern subburb of Perth) at a customer site at the moment, which is a bit of a pain.

Its not that far away from where I live, but as I dont get to claim petrol and dont want big mileage on the car, the only way to get here without breaking the bank really is to go by train. Its simple enough, but it takes an hour and some door to door. I’m at the station at 6:45am and get to the office just after 8.

This place isnt exactly great for photos either, being basicially an industrial estate and shopping mall. Ah well – hopefully after Christmas I can move onto other projects.

Ah well – gonna make the effort to get out this weekend to take some photies. Not sure where though, and what of..have to have a think about that. Answers on a postcard?

Right, back to work…

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