Daylight davings

I really dont get the resistance to daylight savings over here in WA.

We’ve had it in Europe forever and it brings a wonderful extension to the day, especially during the week. It means that you can get home from work and have hours and hours of lovely summer light to chill out, do gardening, exercise, walk etc. It also means not having the sun rise at 4am, way before anyone really needs the light..

Why would you not want that? I dont understand!

So if I get the chance, I’ll vote for it, I cant wait to get on my bike at 6pm and wander off for a nice ride in the cooling (I guess thats a relative term over here..) evening breeze.

One Comment on “Daylight davings

  1. Who wants an extra long day when it’s stinking hot and you’re trying to sleep?? At least if the sun is down, it’s a couple of degrees cooler at bedtime.

    From experience, my children don’t sleep well in summer since we brought in daylight savings.. 10pm, it’s still light out, and you know what the little un is like as it is.

    I won’t be voting for it. It sucks :))


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