Summer in England 2015 – part 6: Camber Sands

Sometimes the summer in England really delivers.

The forecast was looking really good, so my sister and made a plan to go to the beach early and make the most of it.  After all, in England, you never know how long the sunshine will actually last for.

Once again – off we went complete with a packed lunch, to the old favourite, Camber Sands.

We have been going to Camber for many years – previous posts have very similar pictures and stories, but I don’t care!  It’s lovely down there, especially if you get there before everyone else does!  It was a Friday, and despite being school holidays, we figured a lot of people wouldn’t be able to get there until after lunch because of work.  And we were right – it was almost totally deserted when we first got there at around 8:30am.

The day was lovely and warm already and the kids lost no time stripping off and digging holes!


The day was very clear and coupled with the lack of people that early in the day meant uninterrupted views across the East Sussex coastline to the cliffs at Fairlight


Always good to see my niece and nephew 🙂

DSCF3075 DSCF3076

My son is still such a scrawny kid!

DSCF3079 DSCF3081 DSCF3086  DSCF3089 DSCF3087DSCF3091

So lovely to have the place to ourselves.  If you ever decide to go to the beach on a nice day in the UK – get there early – like 8am early.  And bring your own food!

DSCF3093 DSCF3095 DSCF3102

Time to make sand mermaids!

DSCF3110 DSCF3117 DSCF3138DSCF3144DSCF3147DSCF3124 DSCF3126  DSCF3131 DSCF3137

The kids really wanted to go swimming, but the tide was going out, and as the beach is so shallow, you have to walk a fair way from the top of the beach just to get to the water and then wade out a really long way to get even to knee depth!DSCF3155DSCF3167 DSCF3178

The beach started to fill up with people and we decided that we were sick of rowdy sweary smoking Londoners and noisy music playing Russians (I don’t know why it is so hard to go to the beach without a 400 watt stereo system and 1000 cigarettes…?), so in the middle of the afternoon, just as the the next wave of people started arriving, we packed up and headed back home.


On the way home, there were queues to get into the Camber car parks stretching back maybe 5 miles or even more – just crazy – I’d imagine some of those people would have had to wait for a couple of hours just to get to the places where they could park. At that point, I’d have gone somewhere else, anywhere else, but Brits and holidaymakers from Europe are funny people!

That’s the problem with the ever growing population in the UK – it’s the lack of space and facilities to accommodate everyone, especially when the sun shines.  The country hasn’t really changed for hundreds of years and there just isn’t the space on the roads and car parks and towns for everyone if they decide to go out on a nice day.

Hey ho.  So go out early, make the most of the day, leave the queueing for other people.

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    • British beaches are a completely different affair from Aussie beaches! Come the first sunshine, the average Brit will go through hell or high water to paddle a toe in the ocean, no matter how murky the water!!

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