Summer in England 2015 – part 5: A walk around Plaxtol and Fairlawne

Kent is amazingly beautiful and I always considered myself very privileged to grow up there.  I used to cycle and walk all over the place as soon as I was old enough (which in those days was from about twelve – times change!) and I built up an intimate knowledge of every lane and footpath I could get to under my own steam.  So whenever I return, I love to expand that knowledge and add more detail to my personal map of of the place that will always feel like ‘home’

I don’t really get homesick – I’ve lived away from the area since I was in my 20’s, but going back is so damn familiar that it’s hard not to wish there was some way to be in both places.  Summer has a lot to answer for too – it’s so lovely that you forget the cold and rain of the other 6 months of the year!

Anyway – enough of that – I packed a bag with some food and drink and the kids and I headed out for a big walk around the Fairlawne Estate.  I’ve just read, rather astonishingly, that the owner, an Arabian Prince, has put forward 4000 acres of the estates land as candidate for housing development.   Unbelievable – that would totally ruin the character of the whole area 😦

To see what how lovely the landscape is and what could be lost – here’s the pictures from the walk, which was about 7 miles  – just a small amount of the land.

I don’t think the locals will be taking this lying down somehow.


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